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Hey terumo. Thanx for replying. How does that work? If I were to buy at the daikin showroom, they will ask me to find my own contractor?

Do you have any suggestions for the dealers or aircon coys?
Actually when u r there they will give you contact of their sub contractors. Can be anyone from Gain City to Ah Seng AC.
For me I don't take Daikin anymore due to the experience I had. Also the design of the blower unit is not simple enuff. Awhile back they used soft rubber or silicon for the wind vains... for what I wonder and the black mold attach to it like super glue. Hard plastic just wipe clean. Also inside all kinds of clips...if AH Seng AC come do...sure clips broken. Things like that.

I would on other hand take Panasonic. Sometimes don't take what salesman say...they have commission and targets so depending when....they say diff things.
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