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voi hairspray and powerpoint hair spray what difference ar???
VOI Hair Spray gives one a slight luminous touch and comes with medium control. Despite it being a medium control hair spray, the hold itself is reasonably decent. What i like about VOI hair spray is beyond the smell itself, but more towards the nozzle whereby it squirts out in a wider distribution onto your hair which naturally assures an even distribution of liquid particles across your hair. However, the force itself is not very powerful so you might need to bring it closer to your hair itself. Another selling point is that it dries pretty fast and does not harden the firm at all. This can be seen as giving one a natural look as far as possible. Some additional bonus points are its a petite bottle despite being 400ml (good for travel purposes) and the smell itself is pretty pleasant (special mention: netzach).

Powerpoint Hair Spray, as mentioned many times, is a lightweight hair spray. This simply means one thing. It does not pull down your hair in any manner. Gives very good holding strength (however, it doesn't surpass OSIS+ session finish 3) but its definitely capable of holding your hairstyle throughout the entire day. Amazingly, it dries super fast and all you need is a few sprays onto your hair and the job is pretty much done. A huge ass bottle and it can last pretty long for one. If you want natural look with matte finish, this is the one to go for.
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