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i just met whatme! nice dude to chat with. tall and yandao! like JH! bro go try lacoco la! haha

met another good looking dude! but never ask what's his nick! should be a reader more than a poster! haha

I hope everyone likes what i mass order! GOLD DIGGER! yay!
Bro Gaoxing is the real fit and yandao same as bro jh!! Super envious their hair so nice!

Not like me. Big forehead! Yet fat and lam nua! Hahaha

Thanks for the advise. Will heed and try tomorrow

Just want thanks both of the big brother here ( leejhong and gaoxing) for helping me to get such good hair products and allowing us to appreciate it!

Will try the salons you mentioned soon!
You guys always very humble leh. LOL i believe all of the guys here that are concerned with their hair are already looking good! Confidence is beauty. Style is good and right and walk with wind.

No worries at all, bro! Hope they really help you out!
We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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