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Some feedback for anybody eyeing the Kanebo Shampoo, OS Sea Spray, and Nigelle Bold Clay. I've used the mentioned products for about a week so far!

Kanebo shampoo - Excellent! The smell is luxurious and it really left my hair feeling softer. Pretty efficient at washing off my hair wax/clay/pomade at the end of the day. Does not leave any weird tacky feeling on the hair (unlike Phyto Shampoo ). And the smell.... the smell!!!! Crazy good!

OS Sea Spray - Never heard of such a hair product till JH introduced it to me. Was initially sceptical about how the hold/volume aspect would benefit me, but JH assured me it would work for my hair type (thick, frizzy, and a little bit curly). I used it in conjunction with a hair dryer and was crazy impressed with the shaping capability of the sea spray. It made applying wax/clay after a lot less random, because the base structure of the hair was more or less set! Smells pleasant as well

Nigelle Bold Clay - You can tell this is a really high quality clay when you're applying it. I've gone through quite a few hair waxes/clays and none applied the way this clay did. A creamy texture with a light scent to it. Dries totally Matte; no joke! The hold on its own probably a 6/10 in terms of strength, but after adding in the OS sea spray to the routine, the hold becomes more like a 8/10. Special highlight for me would be the product allows hair to still be fairly pliable (especially if you add a bit of water again during the day and adjust). Washes out really easily =)

I usually add a bit of water to help in shaping the Nigelle clay. Unfortunately, I find it can get a bit "crispy" upon drying =/ Not sure if it's due to the addition of the Sea salt spray, or maybe my technique isn't right? I'll try it a few more times.

Looking for that ideal wax/clay that has a matte or even semi matte texture and doesn't dry crispy, along with a strong hold. Must wash out easily too! The search goes on!

Also, gotta give props to JH for his quality service and sincerity. You can tell he really cares about the products he's selling and who he is selling it to. Not to mention the fact that he is willing to take the time to answer all kinds of questions and share knowledge is outstanding!

Thanks JH! 2 Thumbs up for you =)
This is one of the better reviews that i received and the way that its written is multi faceted approach. Covers several aspects over here with objective views which includes:

#1: Holding strength/control
#2: The product smell
#3: Product washability
#4: Complementary use of products
#5: Personal styling tips to enhance effectiveness

I pretty much agree with what you said but just to add on my 2cents worth of opinions.

First Point: Nigelle clay is not the typical dry and hard clay that we are using. It can be even softer than the normal wax that we are using. Even till now, i have no full comprehension how can it be used and utilised for various settings. With regard to the holding strength of Nigelle Bold Make Clay, the quantifiable part (6/10) is pretty much a subjective viewpoint which differs for everyone. Hair texture and hair thickness or even how you apply it makes a difference over here. I would say that it comes with strong holding strength but its lightweight. On a similar benchmark to gold digger, its stronger than Nigelle Clay but heavy. So, if you just apply gold digger and head out, i believe it had been mentioned previously already, your hair might still be subjected to flopping. Hence, the crux over here is not to emphasize on which product gives better hold because at the end of the day, it wholly depends on how you use this product to bring out its usefulness for you.

Second Point: The usage of seasalt spray with Nigelle Clay works good and even seasalt spray with gold digger works good too. Seasalt spray provides and creates a matte structure for you. It helps to bunch up the hair which allows ease of subsequent application of wax/clay thereafter. I am guessing the reason why nick bro (decafie) is having crispy hair is because seasalt spray is being used too much. The main selling point of nigelle clay is that it doesn't harden or firm TOO MUCH after application. It gives high level of pliability and flexibility in restyling anytime throughout the day and it ought to be mentioned that in this context, hardening of hair does not and will not correlate to holding control and strength. If one refers hardening to goodness of control, then i will recommend Gatsby Pink or gel.

Once again, i hope my 2cents worth of opinions helps. Thanks to all who contributed their opinions towards Nigelle Clay too!
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