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i feel that holding strength should be a universal quantifier, and that we should always describe smth like nigelle bold make clay as "strong for its class" or something along those lines. in this manner, perhaps its max WILL be a 6/10 on the universal scale, but its already a 9/10 on its class's scale.(sorry la not 10/10, i still feel that vantachi's clay trumps this in terms of strength. but of cos, its definitely harder to apply vantachi. probably at least 3 times the effort.[nigelle is SUUUUUUUUPER easy to get into hair, if i ignore the way it dries up on my hands faster than i can close its lid]) We shouldn't have double standards for the single word "strength". like gold digger is probably a 9/10. 10/10 will be the reserved ground for crystal hard stuff. even gels might not be close, most gels that i used before last time i think still fall within 9/10. maybe redken's gelwax got a 10/10. (see the video for how hardcore this gel was REDKEN Urban Experiment: Enamel Gel - YouTube )

however, with respect to the words in bold, hardening will definitely have some positive correlation with hold, although there are exceptions. it is this exceptions that most of us here seek, but we shouldnt toss away the majority.

once again, jh bro is very right in highlighting that the number system of grading x/10 is super subjective. i mean, touch ur heart la, how many of you actually bother to use a standard amount to style a standard shape (like a full blown fauxhawk) and then wait for reaction? maybe we should like enforce smth whereby whenever we have a number grade we have a footnote having number grades for a few other products that we used before so that readers can have a nice gauge.
actually right, the grading of product is done by the company. They can put 10/10 for all we know. We can only find out if we buy and try it out.

I also think there's no 10/10 product. probably a 9/10 (Gold Digge, i hope for most of you guys who used and Lolane Gel Gum for my case).
It's very subjective to individual on the grading. Some product might suit your hair and some might not. Those suit, of course you will give a awesome grade and those that doesn't suit, will give a bad grading.
I still think it's good to find the perfect concoction or product that suit yourself and that i will call your own personalize product.

Reviews that are done by me are in general terms, with comparison to different, products and i feel that my hair is almost the same as everyone here. Flat and stubborn as all asian hair are. haha. I hope all the reviews including my own has helped people reading this thread to get the product they need.

As for hardening, GEL is king for that but eventually, it will melt because its water based and the humidity here kills it. when it hardens, it becomes crispy and because of the weight, will tend to flop.

alot of different factors one. haha biggest one being the damn weather we have here.

if we are living in countries with 4 season! i don't think anyone of us here will have a bad hair day. hahaha


BTW the enamel gel is wtf la. the girl got a mohawk! hahaha

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