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Morning to all bros here!

Here's my first attempt! I know it look weird a bit.

Quicksand blowdry >seasalt blow dry again > gold digger >pp hair spray

But during the styling process with gold digger . My hair very dry. When styling feel quite pain as my hand pulling my hair like that. Cos my hair bleached blue before.

Any idea how to style it smoother?

I'm really amazed with quick sand and sea salt combo then gold digger to style it!
Haha your hair looks ok. Told you gold digger is strong stuff. Haha very strong haha. It's normal to yank out some hair but there's a work around. Use lesser gold digger. Use bit by bit cause it dries up really fast on your palms. When it dries, really like glue. And don't go pull your hair like what slikhaar ppl do. Their hair texture different. Softer also.

And sea salt spray + quicksand is supposed to be rough and dry. Makes styling easier for us. Haha I don't know how to explain this rational in words but this is how it works haha.

If u want, can add 1 to 2 drops of water when you emusify the gold digger in your palms to prolong the working time.
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