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Thanks for the advice! Actually right now it yank out more and it drop liao.. Maybe I didn't use enough hairspray or wax.. ( "bu se de" to use finish.. Keke :x)

If not I'm going to perm or cut my hair..

After spraying. I use hair dryer blow with high heat to harden the finishing spray tho.

Anyway, was thinking to use use the curling brush to air blow my hair curl before styling.

Do I curl it after quicksand or SSS?
cut your hair first. Perm can decide later. haha I nv perm my hair ever in my life.

1. Towel dry hair, use SSS on your hair till its wet. Use your palms to distributed the spray into your hair.
2. Blow dry using High heat and speed to fully dry hair.
3. Distribute quicksand and spread in your hair. Your hair should feel rough and dry now with a pomp or volumised.
4. Take some gold digger, distributed into your palms and fingers. Distribute the gold digger use your palms int your hair and afterwards rake your hair using the remaining product in your fingers.
Take abit more gold digger if necessary to finish touch up those stray hair.
5. Spray the ppp and don't touch your hair unless the wind blows it. haha

Simple steps that i use everyday.
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