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Morning to all bros here!

Here's my first attempt! I know it look weird a bit.

Quicksand blowdry >seasalt blow dry again > gold digger >pp hair spray

But during the styling process with gold digger . My hair very dry. When styling feel quite pain as my hand pulling my hair like that. Cos my hair bleached blue before.

Any idea how to style it smoother?

I'm really amazed with quick sand and sea salt combo then gold digger to style it!
Looking good bro! Not to worry, its not weird at all and give yourself a pat on the shoulder for embracing changes! From now on, you will only be getting better and better!

Just to add on a few points if you allow me to.

#1: Use seasalt spray before quicksand. The rule of thumb is to apply liquid-based products onto wet hair and dry products onto dry hair. Needless to say, there can be many variations and methodologies about doing it though but this is slated to be the most general guideline.

#2: The right of your hair (i.e. the left of the pic) can be crunched up slightly a bit more to make it look more voluminous so that it looks more texturized from the front and side.

#3: On your next visit to the salon, perhaps you can ask the hairstylist to cut your fringe shorter so that the side can be tamed and it wont be flipping out to give a neater look. Can layer the top part too to allow the layered look to be brought out. Will improve. the outlook of the hair further. All these are just some humble suggestions. Hope it helps!

Anyway, your hair is thick so its a good thing. Many people tend to correlate hair thickness to volume, which i think it isn't necessarily true in all contexts. When one's hair is long and thick, its heavy. Once its heavy, it falls due to the weight itself. Once it falls, it becomes flat. So thick hair don't always give you volume unless your hair is thick and PONG then yes.
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