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Thanks for the advice! Actually right now it yank out more and it drop liao.. Maybe I didn't use enough hairspray or wax.. ( "bu se de" to use finish.. Keke :x)

If not I'm going to perm or cut my hair..

After spraying. I use hair dryer blow with high heat to harden the finishing spray tho.

Anyway, was thinking to use use the curling brush to air blow my hair curl before styling.

Do I curl it after quicksand or SSS?
Just my 2cents worth of opinions again. Can't help but to comment on the above bold text. Don't blow dry after using finishing spray. As the term explains, its meant as a finish. It will not help or might even backfire if you use blowdryer after finishing, let alone high temperature.

This is because blow-drying at high temp will make the hair very crunchy and dry. The whole fundamental purpose of using PowerPoint hair spray to give a natural finish is totally defeated.
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