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People, please don't use vPost.

This is the tracking for one of my item:

Date Time Status
04/09/2013 10:37:38 PM Package Paid
06/09/2013 01:10:21 AM Package sent out from U.S.A/Japan/EUROPE
09/09/2013 06:44:53 PM *Estimated arrival in S`pore Airport Processing Ctr (11/09/2013)
11/09/2013 06:20:11 PM Arrival in S`pore
11/09/2013 06:22:13 PM Depart from S`pore Airport Processing Ctr

I have another 3 packages stuck at the same status since 19/9. The delivery time within Singapore is taking longer than shipment from USA.

Customer service email reply to this yesterday was "We have raised a request to the concern department to check on the status of the item. We request you to kindly wait for an update." Basically after waiting for 2 weeks, they are asking me to continuing waiting.

No concrete course of action taken, no approx waiting time. The items of the packages cost a few hundred dollars. I don't know if they will refund the declared value if the packages are lost. More importantly I can't reorder the item but can only wait for it to hopefully arrive someday.
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