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i looking to open trading account with stand chart and i dont have existing bank i went to the branch.

They told me i have need a min deposit of 3k just to open a current account and then can sign up the trading i told them next time....

Then at home i check the stand chart website, they have alot of versions of Current accounts. The 3k min deposit is the Bonus saver account....which i dont need those features.

The super salary current account no need min deposit...and has no features...which is what i want...

The customer service bluffing me? Or the trading account must die die use the Bonus saver account (3k min deposit)??

lock in 3k just to use a online broker is very wtf
e-savers account. No minimum deposit or average mthly balance. As long as you have a dollar in there, that's all that's required to maintain the account.
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