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couple of random tips to share after reading through...hard to quote multiple posts

YMNV but here goes:

- when styling, use your palm. based from personal experience, this will have far better results than just purely using fingers to 'pick'. Like what some people have already commented, use the whole palm. It helps give a more 'natural' look and avoid smearing too much on any 1 part. You can 'mold' the shape easier too. Use fingers to finish off at the end....

- start from the crown/middle, then work your way to the back and then the sides last. there's actually a difference in effect

- like what the others mentioned, i use a bit of water when using very 'thick' hair products like clay. Obviously please dont try this with wax as it will be damn disgusting. mix with very little water to spread the clay easier. note that this will add a little shine and also make the hold less. its a trade-off

- lastly, its all a matter of experience and practice. thats why its very hard to achieve the same effect as when your hair-stylist does it for you
Nice sharing bro! Thumbs up!
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