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Okay, after heeding some of your advices, I have tried the gold digger again today and this time with JH's advice, I have style it opposite of the usual way and it really looks like it has more volume! This time though, I just towel dried my hair quite thoroughly instead of blow drying as blow drying tends to make my hair very very dry and frizzy so its hard to style. Towel drying throughly makes my hair softer somewhat and easier to style. Its almost dry when I apply the GD except for the roots as my hair is pretty short so towel drying almost dries it totally. The GD is much easier to apply this way. I find the smell of the GD now very nice and it has a very manly smell. The smell of the GD grew on me as I used it and now I love it! GD FTW~
I am so glad that you bothered to try it out bro! Glad that it helps you too. Sometimes, its all about illusion and covering up. And seems like you are the only other one who seems to think that the smell is kinda masculine. Not really that horrid afterall. In fact, i pretty much like it too! GD FTW! GAOXING FTW!
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