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Hey guys,

Would like some input from some hair experts here.I'm currently using GD.However I find that if I use:

GD + Hairspray = Oily look on hair very unappealing and almost very little hold.

Gatsby + Hairspray = Expected matte look and considerable hold.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? FYI, I have very soft fine hair, difficult to hold unless using hairspray.

GD's hold is definitely good and strong. I wont dare to say that it will win Gatsby in terms of holding strength but its definitely in the same spectrum. GD shouldn't make your hair look oily as its only accompanied with slight shine. You might want to explore the following questions to see what went wrong.

Question #1: Is your hair dry or damp when you are applying GD?
Question #2: How much are you using? Rule of thumb is not to apply too much in 1 go. Start off with an appropriate amount and work out from thereon. Do it gradually and in moderation.
Question #3: Did you rub GD on your palms before application? Gatsby wax is wax so its already soft and wet to begin with. GD is hybrid form of wax and clay and it does require some rubbing to heat it up.
Question #4: Are you applying GD thoroughly across your hair? Sometimes, it all got to do with the styling methods that you used. Make sure that its evenly spread across your hair when you are styling. Most people commit the mistake of just picking at the hair and just gently touching it. This is definitely not the correct way of styling as there is basically no texture created.

Fine hair definitely has easier time to style. The diameter of your hair is already not fat. If its not fat, its not heavy. If its not heavy, then you will definitely have no problem of styling as the problem of weight is basically not being factored in as one of the considerations too. With that said, people with thick hair can also overcome the problem of having a hard time to style by layering their hair. Getting it thinned out with layers, will make it look lighter and to bring out the shape for you. Hence, it will be easier to manage and tame your hair upon layering.
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