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Tbh I don't understand the whole natural look deal. Why style but make it look like no style???
Your question always set me thinking. Natural, in this context, does not mean that you style to make you look like you didn't style. Precisely because there is already a distinction between styling and non-styling. No matter how awesome these hair products are, there is no way that applying some products on your hair will make you look indifferent. Instead, natural in this context will refers to having a natural styled hairstyle. What do i mean by this then? Very often, we see on the streets that some guys have ridiculously wild and havoc hairstyles that doesn't look natural at all. In this cases, no matter how good the products are, you are already off the line of being labeled as natural.

In the case of having normal and widely accepted hairstyles, we also see some of them carrying wet look or heavy-shine look. This will immediately suffice as non-natural. Because it don't look natural to us too.

So, what does natural means then? Simply means you style and apply these styling products to look good but yet at the same time, not putting off a unnatural look to others. This will also means that you totally omitted the impression that you had just spammed a lot of styling products onto your hair too. I always feel that we don't style to let people know that we styled. Unless the person is blind, otherwise one can usually see that you styled your hair. If you ended up styling and no one knows then there is a real problem over here. So, to be natural means that you style and people do realize and knows, yet essentially, it doesn't look weird or too ridiculous to them in any manner.

It ought to be mentioned that you don't have to look natural while styling. If you feel that you can pull off the wet look, you can always go ahead and do that. You will not look natural but u can look good. So natural doesn't means good or good don't refer to being natural too. But more often than not, natural is usually correlated to matte texture finish and it got to do with the settings as well. Hope i am making some sense over here though.
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