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Before you passed the verdict for OSIS, you should give PowerPoint a try too bro! Many have reflected positive reviews for it.

Q8 Matte Powder 3 (Japan) is a hair powder used for creating volume. Similar to seasalt spray or mousse used primarily for volumizing purposes, hair powder can too achieve the same purpose for one. However, the difference over here lies on two aspects:

#1: Application
#2: Holding Factor

It can be fairly difficult to apply and utilize the potential of hair powder well enough. This differs for everyone so i am comparing it to the easiness of application across 3 products in totality. Holding factor for hair powder will be the strongest and evident. It holds it well and intuitively, its lightweight as its just powder. A few taps onto the hair and the parts that you wanna to create volume will pretty much get the job done. Introductory price of Q8 Matte Powder 3 at $19.90. Its not exactly cheap as it comes directly from the manufacturer (not distribution centers) in Japan so i hope to gain the understanding from you bros on this! Hope it helps.
+9001 for q8 powder for ease of application! Don't need to blow dry and goes only where you want it to go!
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