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What does the sea salt spray actually do?
Very good question, bro! Seasalt spray is used to create instant volume for one whereby a matte structure is being created for you in place. Basically, if you face the problem of flat hair, seasalt spray will be the solution for you. Just have to spray a few times onto damp hair (for best results IMO) and blow dry it to get the volume created instantly.

Additionally, it helps to bunch up the hair nicely enough so that it aids greatly in the subsequent application of styling products such as wax/clay and hence, the required amount of these styling products used will be lesser actually. This will encourage easier removal of styling products at the end of the day as well as helping you to save more cost in the long run. A bonus point to add will be it helps to control the excess oils in the hair (especially so in SG) too as it dries your hair (not in a damaging manner) out to create volume. Hope it helps!
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