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I have never really tried different hairstyles before. I'm always on mullet hairstyle since young because of the benefit of always standing hair. I usually shave the sides though. Currently trying to keep a ball shape in the middle.

A lot of people tend to underestimate the stubbornness of such hair and feels that so called this wax which is strong enough for the mainstream will feel its strong enough for everyone. This is so not true. I would say if possible, see whether anyone here offers sample packages and you try them out. I never tried Gold Digger before thus I won't comment on it.

What I can recommend is for strong hold(that is if your hair is as stubborn as mine), go for Uevo Grey wax. If you want a not so strong hold, get Nigelle Bold Make Clay. This 2 products work great for me. I'm leaning more towards Nigelle mainly because you just have to apply a little bit and you're good to go. Nigelle also gives a rather natural outlook to be honest.

Try samples before committing to purchase. Not every hair products out there suits everyone. Everyone's hair is different anyway.
Bro. U gotta venture out further. The two products you mentioned rank the lowest in terms of hold out of all those that I tried =/
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