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Yeah. You know what's the fug up part? My girlfriend's parents very superstitious and superficial. My girlfriend knows that as well so she always come over my place instead of me going over there. I still remember her mummy saying a sentence straight to my face, "You so short, cannot even let my daughter wear heels. Short people all not reliable one. How long you wanna play with my daughter?"

If she wasn't my girlfriend's mummy, I take out my cue butt and whack her liao. Both of her parents believe alot in old wife tale. What short people not reliable lar, baby face people no guts and balls, "zun" more than 1 cannot be together with because will "run lion" and etc. Basically everything is shoot me one.

Anyway, quarrel yesterday night because she go and li siao me then jump onto me. So happen her body land on my right leg, now the joint area "cek tio", I was actually suppose to go play snooker today one. Knn.
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