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is there a product that can make my hair not so clean after washing?

Let me explain...I notice every time I bath and after my hair dries, it becomes 1 strand 1 strand and it gets messy easily when the wind blows.

However every morning when I go to work and I bath but don't wash my hair, my hair looks great from the natural "oil" and it is not that "strandy"

I also want to avoid products that gives a gel look because I don't want the "wet" look.

I'm a guy.
IMO, your problem doesn't lie on the cleansing extent but instead on the post dryness of cleansing. Irregardless of the dryness, the aspect of cleansing must never be compromised and should be exercised religiously to ensure the growth of healthy looking hair. I am guessing you did not use conditioner at all and you seem to be facing the problem of dry and frizzy hair as well. It might got to do with your current shampoo in place which causes the dryness. The strands of your hair seems to be loose and divided due to this amount of dryness and it portends the fact that moisture is lacking in your hair. You should create moisture in the hair by keeping it moist-balanced with a suitable shampoo and if need to, a conditioner to complement it as well.

I highly recommend Kanebo shampoo to you as it not only cleanses the hair well enough and ensures an adequate level of moisture in the hair so your hair will not feel too dry. IMO, do not harbour the thought of making it dirty just because you want to retain the "natural oils". These "natural oils" might contain dirty and excess oils too. What you should do is to perform religious hair care with consistency and the necessary natural oils will therefore be retained and not stripped off in any way.
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