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oh oh i forgot about my week long experiment.

so... for 4 days i used serum (arimino peace milk, not really serum but u get the idea) after i showered at night, then put on gd the next morning. for the other 4 days i skipped the serum step.

this was to compare washability cos i, like some others, noticed that gd tends to have this feeling after a single wash, as if some residue stays behind. one day i used the serum then gd method and then when i shampooed it was muuuuuuuuuch easier to get rid of everything. so i set out to take more "readings"/"data" and did the 8 days long trial.

and..... YUP! serum before gd does work aloooot better. when i use gd alone, altho the residue left behind is somewhat negligible, the shampooing itself was definitely affected. like i had to really work the shampoo in, then the bubbles also got affected a great deal.

with the serum method, my shampooing was much easier, bubbles were like i didnt put any hair product at all, and it was very easy to work the shampoo into the hair.

so.... my advice would be to SERUM UP!
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