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No la. I scare you angry at me mah!

You see recently got people like posting their sales in our thread.. They thought we making sales like that..

Cool! Sometimes buy liao used not even half and dump aside..

I just used the RPR Do Organic shampoo and conditioner and the treatment. It contain organic ingredients hence the smell is very "nutty"

First washing to remove GD was abit tough. Could be due to my hair was very dried after using SSS and quicksand. But after mixing with more water. The shampoo work efficiently and rinsing off was a breeze. The conditioner smells better and doesn't feel oily. I can feel my hair got some volume and less frizzy after blow drying. The repair treatment lagi best. It state that it can be a pre styling and it help reconstruct my hair. Somehow upon judging my hair now. It regain shine! No more dried hair! and well nourished! Yay!
The treatment is a leave on conditioner? I have one leave on conditioner previously but it makes my hair too soft. To the extent that i cant use it for pre-styling at all. I apply it at night and leave it on overnight and wash off the next morning. My hair feels great afterthen.
We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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