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Bro. No offend here to you and Jh. Sometimes we cannot keep talk about the same certain brand.. Later others thought this thread is keep promoting about the same product over and over again. Worst to worst, it turn into a sales thread.

As this hair thread goes on, we also must try other various products and give review! If good, we recommend! If bad! We boo it!

Anyway.. I'm waiting for Kanebo shampoo to restock ah. I'm getting this shampoo for sure! Just that my hair is perm-ed and bleached before. Too Dry! Normal shampoo cannot handle!
Actually I also agree on this. Its also very understandable because its still a so called mini business. In my own cuesports thread, I edit out the 2nd post on 1st page and put people's sale listing there so if there's anyone interested, they can just PM the person. Easier.
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