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Hi All,

Need some advice urgently from Terumo and everyone.

We had intention to purchase Mitsubishi Electric Star Mex system 3. But we went to Best Denki today and the salesperson told us Europace would be better choice.

Europace pro:
1) They run on Mitsubishi compressor.
2) BTU is 28k. We were told ME Starmex is abt 25k even thought is ME28 model.
3) Price is lower at S$2959 for BTU unit 12+9+18k
4) Best Denki said their insulation are all thermaflex.

Europace con:
1) Not enough reviews online to determine its reliability.

Any idea on Europace products or comments?
Need some opinions urgently. Any input will be appreciated as we need to confirm the aircon purchase this week.

Pricing wise for fujitsu (29000BTU ) if i remember from my friend correctly is $2849 for your configuration

Using Armaflex 1/2 inch which is better than Thermaflex & 23gauge copper tubing & 16mm Drainage pipe.
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