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I find the everyone should have a deep cleansing shampoo that you use once a week for the thorough cleanse. Personal fave: Wella purifying

Aveda Men Exfoliating Shampoo (it has scrub in it)

Another personal fave that you can use it everyday for that extra clean but not too much... Redken clean brew

Btw... many of the better facial cleansers and shampoos in the market are acidic, more to PH 5.5... as it cleanses and protect and maintain our natural barriers.
If you have condition like dermatitis, you will opt for more alkaline ones.
Didn't know that there is exfoliating shampoo in the market. Only heard of facial exfoliators. Looks good but just wondering what exactly does exfoliating shampoo does for us? Facial exfoliators are meant to remove dead skin cells but with regard to hair, there aint dead cells right?

I heard of wella cleansing shampoo before. But is it very dry? What difference does it have from the typical big boys brands out there?
We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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