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Didn't know that there is exfoliating shampoo in the market. Only heard of facial exfoliators. Looks good but just wondering what exactly does exfoliating shampoo does for us? Facial exfoliators are meant to remove dead skin cells but with regard to hair, there aint dead cells right?

I heard of wella cleansing shampoo before. But is it very dry? What difference does it have from the typical big boys brands out there?
I think exfoliating the scalp to remove dead skins cells / unhealthy skin cells.

I last time use the "scalp scanner" at my wife's work place to see my scalp, she say I got very oily scalp and some patches fungus infection on dead skin and claim her shop hair treatment can prevent the rot spreading to my brain and I can become one of the cast of the walking dead... you get the picture.

After I hoot the Kent boar bristle brush and 2 weeks of daily brushing. I go scan again. This time the dead cells no more thus no more black spots and although hair still oily the oil is not clustered onto the scalp but spread evenly across the hair ie free natural conditioner.

She quickly dismissed the claims of Kent brush working as intended as hogwash.
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