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I use the green indian soup from young until now. My family is pray indian god one so certain things we use are always indian related. I still remember the 1st time I brought my girlfriend over and she commented that my toilet have this weird smell.

It cost around 50c for a bar but my daddy likes to go Malacaa just to eat so at the same time he'll stock up the indian bar soap as well. I remember he always buy like 3 - 6 cartons back so that shop seller remembers my daddy and till now, still selling him at RM20c for a bar.
Indian cosmetics damn power one. Many are traditional formula that really works but ppl shun the smell.

For example the Goodrej brand makes a variety of soap bars, toothpaste and shaving cream which are cheap and good.

Traditional Neem oil soap is very good for NS boys due to the anti fungal and anti insect properties.

Coconut oil is very good for hair, will give nice black healthy tone.

But all the herbal smell not everyone can take it. I use as part of my shaving rotation.
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