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Didn't know that there is exfoliating shampoo in the market. Only heard of facial exfoliators. Looks good but just wondering what exactly does exfoliating shampoo does for us? Facial exfoliators are meant to remove dead skin cells but with regard to hair, there aint dead cells right?

I heard of wella cleansing shampoo before. But is it very dry? What difference does it have from the typical big boys brands out there?
There are quite a few exfoliating shampoo, hair mask in the market... from what i come across, mostly are Jap brands but i don't remember the names.

Like all deep cleansing shampoos, they are formulated to be stripped the filth and oil, even the hair colours. *if you just colored your hair and you think that the color is deep or dark, use a deep cleansing shampoo to lighten it (if you have bleaching done, DONT use it)

Actually... Wella is a very big brand.. In many markets.. the main 2 brands that are always going head to head are LOreal professionel and Wella... No other brands even come close to market share... Schwarzkopf used to be very strong too.

Bio touch by Wella which is along the line of LOreal Pro and Redken
System Professional by Wella against Kérastase

I think many salons find it tough to commits the number sets by Wella, so you don't see a lot. Anyway under P&G, there are so many other professional brands... Sebastian, Clariol Pro, Nioxin that I dont think they need much commitment... btw Sebastian hairspray is gd.
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