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I was at epicentre @ jem just now to purchase the 16GB LTE iPad Air. Wouldn't be there of not for the use of the UOB rewards vouchers. ;p

With the discount, I purchased the iPad Air and Gissar flipcase + a clear screen protector bundle. The outlet having promotion whereby a discount is applied for a case with a SP. Or purchase with apple care plus the with discount on certain iPad Air cases. I bought that bundle for $59.90. Usual think is $80plus.

Gissar flipcase (black). Inside you'll see "Designed in Korea, made in China.

Fitting is good all round.
The pattern outside allows good grip. Inside front is smooth like.
The enclosure protects all corners.
Fairly thin profile but likely not as thin as adix_82's Rock cases. However, it does gives me a feeling that it will do it's job of protecting the iPad Air very nicely.
The bump (see picture) at the back seems to be a magnetic strip or something which snaps the flip in place when folded.

No wake/sleep function.
I would prefer the colour of the inside front to be black instead of the default light grey.

The front with packaging box:

The inside:

The bottom where the speaker grille is located:

The back:

The bump at the back magnetically snaps the flip cover in place when folded.. nice:

The one corner of the enclosure:

Have a nice day playing your new toy!
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