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i've encountered all of them all.. so..

vpost - my sister used this. they lost my sister's stuff so i had to help her resolve it. they had v poor cust svc, CS appeared to be outsourced to philippines.... and spoke english but did not understand me, or answer my questions. i will never use them for my own stuff...
ALSO, they use singpost.. i dont like singpost.. it's slow and they lost all my mail when i used their mail redirection service......

borderlinx - first time okay (2010), second time (2013) - declared my item value wrongly (USD199 became USD299, and then they asked me to pay GST), they then repacked my items even when it was unsafe, resulting in my things getting broken, tried to play T&C with me, refused to refund me all my money, and told me they would refund me a fraction of it "out of goodwill" (wtf) i had to escalate to citibank to get the issue resolved. after everything was resolved, think they dropped me an email asking me for feedback or something. to which i replied my dissatisfaction over the need to engage an external party to resolve the issue. i then received an email from them scolding me for making assumptions and reiteratiing that my rightful refund was given to me out of goodwill. and for the record, i wasn't even trying to smoke them. i just wanted what was mine....
cs appeared to be outsourced to india or middle east. i would use them again if got discount and shipping low value things i guess. they use DHL

cgw - >5 shipments alr (2011, 2012), so far so good (but i havent had issues with my items before.. so. people with poor experiences may say smth different). they say they use fedex and dhl.. but i only ever get dhl..not that im complaining.
thanks for your response.
i actually just went with borderlinx since they have a 25% off the first shipment thing.
so do you think i should opt out of the repacking service that they provide?
i ordered 3 items via amazon. and they're all expected to arrive at the US address on 4 dec, wed.
1 question will they be consolidating all of the items and then making 1 shipment or as an individual item as they come? i would prefer they consolidate and then ship so i get the 25% off all items. do i need to make a request?

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