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Thanks for answering. The promo code was send from Paypal. I called Paypal to and CS answered that I must use the HSG website to link to amazon and make purchase. I think I only can use the promo code after item reached HSG U.S address before ship to Sg during the process of shipping fee payment, right?

For the Ebates, is it only some items in amazon are qualify to earn the cash rebate? I did a rough check for the thing I want at Ebates search bar. The result did not show the lowest price that amazon is offering now. I did not click further to the links, I guess the Ebates will channel me to the link that are qualify for cash rebate but not the lowest price in the net. Am I right this is how Ebates work?

This is interesting, as i am also a user of HopShopGo and when i was searching for Amazon on HSG. I see the following:

But i got to agree that you can only use the promo code only when you want to ship it back to SG.

As for my experience in using Ebates, it is just a portal that allows us to earn cashback for our online shopping. Clicking through to amazon just allow ebates to track your shopping so as to credit back the appropriate cash back into your account.

As for the eligible category, you can check it out here: Amazon Cash Back Shopping and Amazon Promo Codes
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