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Try to ask me questions here guys.. received too many PMs. Till my in box always full.

Have I ever seen phra ngan? I would say I nv seen. He isnt a ghost but a yin entity. If talking abt feel. Yes. I feel him. Esp when im meditating after chanting the katha. The feeling to describe would be numb all over the face. Feeling of wanting to vomit. Initially I have no feel when meditating as time goes by I feel him more.

I know of one pub owner who look at me with a strange look. Later during the night he came over to drink with me and chatted. He asked me. Am I carrying something? I say ya. A thai god. He looked at me and say. "Ngan".

I asked him how he know. He just smiled and refused to tell me. Just told me not everyone shld touch ngan. After much pestering he shared with me that he got the 'eye'. From young he can see spirits. He said when I enter his pub he saw a tall black shadow follow me. He then shared with me hi first experience with phra ngan..

He used to work at clubs as a manager. One day. When he walked past a room. He saw something which shocked him. Inside the room. Was a man. Playing with the hostess. Super ugly guy and not very rich. Many girls in his room. What shocked him was not the man. But he saw a tall figure sitting beside the man. With red eyes and bent top/hat. Whats more chilling was the ngan turned to look at him as if he is saying to the pub owner I know u can see me. Better mind ur own business.

From then now. He will tell his girls not to visit that particular room when the guy is around. Cos the girls cant resist being charmed by him. One of them even give that guy allowances and gifts

He told me if I cant control my tots and action better stay far away from ngan. He told me he knows what followed me is not a spirit as his pub got set up tua dee ah pek protecting the shop. This pub is located opp vivo city.
End of cool story.
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