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Ever wondered what amulet is this? Of a guy who look like a jiangshi from qing dynasty?

Er Ge Feng (aka as Zheng Yi Feng (郑义丰) is a chinese from the Chao An Province of China. Er Ge Feng and his family moved to Thailand at a very young age. When Er Ge Feng is in his teenage years, he joined the “Hong Meng Tian Di”, a*secret society*that was formed with the intend to overthrow the Qing Dynasty.Er Ge Feng is a charismatic leader and his wits and charisma help him to rise in ranks in the*society. As the Er Ge (second right hand man) of the*society, that was how he was known as Er Ge Feng. Being a charismatic leader he became the no.2 man of this*society*and hence the nick name “Er Ge Feng” (2nd elder Fong).

Er Ge Feng later became the main leader of the*society. During the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Thailand was facing an impeding economic crisis. Chulalongkorn needed help to restore financial stability within the country. Er Ge Feng was tasked with this important mission as the king saw great*value in*his charisma and*the respect*the people had for him back then.Empowered by the king, Er ge Feng advocated for*casinos*and gambling dens to be opened and invited his wide network of*business*associates both locally and around the region. This help to generate vast amount of revenue for Thailand, much to the delight of the king. As the dynasty grew, Er Ger Fong’s reputation and*businesses*flourished alongside and spanned many trades including transport, development, trading and most importantly gambling houses.

In his later years, Er Ge Feng had a dream about “Tai Hong Gong” (a Chinese deity). The deity “instructed” him to do more charitable deeds. Er Ge Feng went on to setup several homes and orphanages for the aged, sick, poor and homeless during his lifetime.Er Ge Feng passed away in 1935 at the age of 87 in Bangkok. He now rest in his home town of Chao An China. After his death, Er Ge Feng continue to live on in the hearts of his supporters. A temple was constructed in Bangkok in memory of him. Today, many people believed that carrying a piece of an Er Ge Feng amulet*with him/her will greatly boost their gambling and windfall luck.

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