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Bia Gae is a kind of amulets which has many useful such as black magic, Khun Sai, the fever, the action of ghosts, and some kinds of protection. Some books said that Bia Gae is a Yoni of Phra Mae Uma which is the amulet that ghost fears.

The objective is for protection of black magic, correcting the bad into goodand Metta Mahaniyom and good luck.Bia Gae is hard to create and the elements are find hard so Geji who can create Bia Gae has a few such as:1. Bia Gae LP Rod, Wat Nai Rong. The ancestor nowadays is LP Phird, Wat Magok which studied from Tiang who are the students of LP Rod.2. Bia Gae LP Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew.

The two ancestors are- LP Perm, Wat Klang Bang Kaew.- Luang Ta Moon and Luang Ta Seng who are the students of LP Boon. B.E. 2530 Luang Ta Seng was dead, so LP Jur-ah is the head to create Bia Gae.- LP Jur-ah, Wat Klang Bang Kaew, nows he is alive.3. Bia Gae Sai Angthong consists of- Bia Gae LP Phak, Wat Both, Angthong province.- LP Kum, Wat Pho Plum.- LP Oon, Wat Kien as an ancestor of LP Kum- LP Num, Wat Nang Nai, Angthong province.- LP Prong, Wat Tha Chang, is the students of LP Num- LP Boon, Wat Luang has studied from LP NumFrom the above, they are popular Bia Gae.

Besides, there are Bia Gae of other Ajarn which they are popular in groups such as:- Bia Gae LP Muang, LP That, LP Ploy of Wat Kalurhatbodee, Bang Yee Kun.- Bia Gae LP Suk, Wat Pa Wai, it is the same batch of LP Iam, Wat Nung.- Bia Gae LP Uuan Ajjatharo, Wat Nong Plub according to Phor Rod Sur-ah of Wat Pradoosongtham Ayuthya.- Bia Gae LP Ya Than Suan, Wat Na U-dom, Ubolrachathani.- Bia Gae LP Boon Chuay Kuntiwaro, Wat MongkonThepPrasit, Lopburi that bring money to support the poor.

Ajarn who creates Bia Gae also have power a lot and it will depend on the trust of the owner. If we have trust on something, that thing can protect you.The element to build Bia Gae1. Bia Jun is a sea shell, the back is brown which they called “Hoi Bia” that bring to bless for calling back the spirit of Bia. The way to use Bia Jun , you should choose Bia that have 32 teeth that are not too small or big.2. Parod is a metal material which has Ngurn color. Nowadays, people always buy Parod from chemical shop but today it is a poison matter.3. Chan Rong is a small bee that has no longer that 10 mm. It makes a cave on the floor, it likes drinking sweet water from pollen of the flowers. It accumulates in groups and live in peace such as the edge of temple window, Both, Sala and forest.4. Lead sheet or red cloth. Lead is used for wrapping the Bia that had passed from containing Parod and paste with Chan Rong already. Some Ajarns closed the mouth of Bia and brought Chan Rong to closed the mouth of Bia.Way to create Bia Gae1. Bring Bia for blessing in order to calling the spirits into Bia.2. Bring Parod or lead sheet into inside and when you shake, it will have sound.3. The way to contain Parod into Bia. When contains Parod, you must pray Katha “Phuttangbanju-atitanmi-thammangbanju-atitanmi-sankangbanju-atitanmi” by closing with Chan Rong in order to not let Parod out of the Bia.

But the Chan Rong that bring to build Bia Gae is Chan Rong Phiank Din which is in the outdoor that can fight for many environments. It believes that this kind of Chan Rong has special characteristics and rare. Before, closing the mouth of Bia, you should bring Chan Rong to bless with the same Katha of containing Parod.4. When put Parod inside and Ut (closed) with Chan Rong and then bring sheet of lead to write with Yant Na Son Hua or Na Tai Num surrounding with 4 of That which are Nama and then close the mouth of Bia again.5. After that, each books put materials to contain further and tie according each books but there are some books use the lead wrap around Bia but this way is hard to do, so it changed to block iron which is easier.6. When tie and bring Rak or hard Chan Rong which receive from the pathway of Chan Rong.7. After finishing, bring Bia Gae to worship again and Bia Gae can walk with itself that are the end of creating Bia Gae.

The way to use Bia GaeHow to worship and make a result:- make a wish with holy water and Phuttaraksa, Khem Dang in many colour, place the altar, Kun Ha, Khao Tok and flower for curing poison to eat and wash and recall Phra Sri Ratanatrai.- When you are in War, you should hang in the front all enemies at the back, Jao Fah and King bring on the right, when you will find a lady, you should bring on the left.- Devil animals in the forest, pond, canel, it will not bite all of cows or buffaloes, elephants, and horses.

This is written from Wat Klang Bang Kaew.The magical of Bia GaeProtect the hard of Karma, correct the picture on mind and Upathan, correct the power of ghost and so on.Bia Gae is the first kind of materials, is warned from the danger that we can’t find. It is Metta Mahaniyom, protection, black magic and protect from all kind of ghosts.Bia Gae: the amulet that build from Bia Jun with inside of Parod, closed with Chan Rong for protecting the Parod to flow out. Besides bring lead sheet to paste on the Bia and tie and dip with Rak again and chant Katha until it can walk. One point is that each Samnak has an own style of creating Bia Gae.

Bia Gae will have power in protection the devil things, black magic, ghosts and the poison of snake bite, scorpion. Besides, it can give luck, Metta Mahasaney, and protection.Bia Gae have the objectives for saving from danger, protection but it will depend on the owner. If you do in the wrong way, these amulets will not protect you. But if you are behaving well, you will be protected from Dhamma for sure.Bia Gae of LP Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew:This Bia Gae is in the end of LP Boon because dipping with Rak in full but it is beautiful as the champion that the belly of the Bia is unique. After that LP will close it with Chan Rong and wrap it with red cloth and write the alphabet.Bia Gae of LP Perm, Wat Klang Bang Kaew:Tie and dip in Rak both red and blacke, the Bia Gae of LP is dipping with thick Rak. Other characteristics are like LP Boon with the style of tie that are standardized on the Bia Gae in the path of Wat Klang especially.

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