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sharing a champion condition piece of rahu om chan by LP Noi , Wat Sisathong , Nakhon Pathom

sharing my own Rahu Om CHan Yod Thon ,AC Pin, Wat sisathong, nakhon pathom.. sorry pic quality sucks as taken with hp cam

both hand carved and hand drawn yant behind.. yod thon (early batches) of AC Pin has been sold off as LP Noi's , so be extremely careful as LP Noi's are very very costly today

a good alternative will be his guru kruba nangta, though as rare, but is more affordable compare to LP Noi.. while lp noi carved one piece from a 1 eye coconut, kruba nangta carved as 2 piece , attached with a string, with one representing the sun and one representing the moon, meant to worn as a set
u cna open shop just to sell authentic stuff liao....
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