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Where do u plan to use the tv? Hall? Then Samsung is the better option cos plasma is comparatively dim. If you have a darkroom/bedroom with blackouts the Panny is better. The Panny has reflective screen as well so you wont enjoy it as much if you need to place next to window. In bright stores you would notice the Panny looks washed out. If electricity consumption is a factor, being plasma the panny would consume 500w-600W and lotsa heat. LED TV maybe 100W or so? So if your TV usage is high like if you have old folks at home, the differences are significant. I don't know much about Sharp but their colors don't appear as vibrant? Not so good 3D? Goodluck on your hunt and keep us updated of your choice.
Thanks for your feedback. Am planning to place it in the hall. It is next to the balcony. My main priorities are size and picture quality. Trying to find the right balance between the two.

You're right about the Sharp's colours. In the store the Samsung's colour rendition was much, much better, which the sales guy put down to the glossy screen. I don't know how far this is true. The reflective screen will be an issue though, unless I draw the curtains.

Having read the forum pages on AVSForum and, they seem to be raving about the Samsung's picture quality. Supposedly better for gaming as well, which is important for me.

Am still doing my research, will keep you guys posted.

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