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Angry Recruit Express feedback? I need help!

Hello people, i'm wondering if anyone of you find jobs via Recruit Express in Jurong East before? How is their payment for salary like?

I submitted my timesheet today and asked about the earliest date i can get my pay. The agent told me the fastest is 8 Jan 2014 . So long? Take 2 weeks ++?! And the agent even asked why didn't i go for the half an hour lunchbreak everyday. But the fact is my working hour is 5 hours, i don't need a half an hour lunch break everyday, just maybe a few times. It's ridiculous to cut half an hour of my pay daily. Their pay rates are so low. I'm never going back to Recruit Express for jobs.

My conclusion and main concern is when will i get my pay? They said they are paying via GIRO.

How long does they normally take to pay you your salary? I'm curious, can you all share with me?
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