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If say in a nice way, yes, i will be more than happy to pay back that diff. But if using the tone that indigo mentioned, sorry, you won't be getting anything from me. Give and take sometime also must see situations.

Until now Click! still impress me the most. Went to buy lens, took out my setup, they can still say "wah ur lens a bit dirty let me clean it for you". Took out a mat, remove my lens, place the lens on the mat and start to clean. Even remove the filter and clean for me. And best of all, that lens they clean i didn't even bought from them. And NO, i wasn't the only customer inside the shop. This is what i call service.

Never have i encounter negative service from them before, even tot i dun always buy from them.

Seems like i am promoting Click! but no, their service really impress me.
When the shop is crowded, overpacked, you see they will do it or not...

Everytime I go back to my optician at J8, she also insists to remove my glasses and clean for me despite I'm there to buy contact lenses @_@

Think she likes me.

But that said... service is about going the extra mile, but overdoing it can be exhaustive... even my car tyre workshop also... now service getting slower and not as good as last time. I just accept it...

Nowadays, got service, I laugh liao...don't need extra service.
I ish jin tired...
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