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FYI, I am a girl. I saw so many poor feedbacks about recruit express that is why i want to ask. I have worked in another agency located in Tanjong Pagar before and it takes 4 days to issue me a cheque. So i thought agencies take similar days to pay.

SO, if you didn't get my question right, i repeat again, my question is how long does recruit express take to pay usually? I emphasized again for you just in case you don't get my question probably cause you don't bother to read. Probably you are busy finding out other posts i have so you can shoot me with my higher nitec? Yeah i am from ITE so what? I am from express, i failed my math that's why i couldnt get into good courses in poly that's why i chose to go into ITE. And i don't think that post got anything to do with my current post.

Btw, I am paid lesser than $7/hr. I only work 5 hours and i don't think i need a break. And please, i didn't once complain to anybody about my company not giving any breaks. If you are here to assume and not helping me to answer my question, please don't even bother saying unnecessary things like calling me SMALL BOY BOY when i'm actually a girl, or things like me whining about the pay date. I didn't whine, did you hear or see me whine? And i don't think you need to dig up my other post to use it as "certification" and assume how much i get paid.

Lastly, i wonder before you reply to my post, did you even think through?
Number 1, it's recruit express policy to payout on a certain date. So why can't you find out from your agent who introduced you the part time job? I am sure, before taking up the job, he would have briefed you, otherwise why can't you call him up and ask? It's also clearly stated on the contract itself.

Number 2, the duration of the meal break would or would have not been stated on the contract. If it is not, why don't you asked your agent. FYI, the meal break is determined by the hiring company, so can't you clarify with them. Just because you do not want the meal break, doesn't mean the company's hiring policy with change because of 1 temp staff.

When recruit express get you to sign the contract, they would have briefed you and tell you the pay per hour/monthly, working hours, reporting person.

Next by stating you are an ITE, does not mean that I am laughing at you for being an ITE graduate. I am just telling you that you are paid as deserved.

I graduated from poly and worked contract jobs from recruit express, I am paid $6-$6.50 an hour. So with your qualification, you are paid less then $7. I don't see anything wrong with that. With an ITE certification, getting a full time job will only pay you $1300-$1500, so just a temp job, you want to exceed that?

Anyway it's your opinion whether you think recruit express is good or not. If you are unhappy, you can always leave the job or even best, not accepting it in the first place.

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