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Business studies (Svm) call centre industry. Basic range from 1.8 for most companies.

What course and what industry is it in? My stated pay is for general roles...Not those with technical skills.

Anyway, if your agent says change to 8 Jan, which initially was end of Dec, why not ask your agent why? I will ask my agent very clearly on such matters and the reasons.

I can only tell you that Recruit express have different branches and may have different pay day. If you need to clarify, always have to go back to your agent.

If your company is okay with 5-10minutes break, that's verbal agreement and it's not binded by black and white.

Your hiring company will still pay Recruit Express the money and they then in turn pay you after they have calculated. So if Recruit express do not recognised that the company wishes to give the 5-10 minutes, IMO there is nothing much you can do as it is up to recruit express decision.

FYI, e.g. I put 7.25 hours per day of working hours, my hiring company signed and endorsed it, but recruit express recognised as 7 hours, and they mentioned to me this is their calculation methodology.

Other then saying yes and not accepting their future hourly paid job, there is nothing else you can do. Their contract job although is still not too bad as the pays comes on time as stipulated and the monthly salary is as promised and there is no way they can use their own calculation.
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