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Thanks! What do you mean by more than a "file server"? Any examples?

Thanks! What's the purpose of having dual nics?

Thanks! I'll just be looking at using it as an "external HDD", but I'm able to open files from my pc and mac. I'll be looking at torrenting using the NAS as well. So will a se/j be better?
>>>> you use the NAS to centralized your DATA only... Not using for MultiMedia purposes, Web hosting those kind... entry level NAS should be good enough.. Since its the entry level NAS , performance slow a bit, you need to bear with it hahahaha~~~~

>>>> with dual nics, you required a managed switch to boost up the bandwith and network throughput. Good speed can be achieved with this

>>>> you plan to use the NAS for sharing across the MAC/PC platform, PLUS Torrent Download... go for DS214... you wont regret
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