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The mount is 270 days.. 9 months.. so far only 3 months + i just added 180 days o i could get the mount. If you only reload 3 months wont get
Oh yeah **** maths fail, yeah I'll just reload whatever to hit 270 days

getting a party that consists only of members that won't f-up is the problem lol. Everytime is that one member that cannot siam properly lol.
Yup IKR, usually the 1 or 2 persons haha.

Currently we set up a progression board to track who is at what and what job then we going to form up farming team, then when we get comfy with each other and build chemistry liao we gonna try the 2 tank 3 DPS 2 healer strait and see if we can clear."

We are also doing EM teaching and practicing runs to guide newbies to the fight. Last night was Garuda, tonight will be Titan, tomorrow will be Ifrit, will be on going until we probably clear half of the active FC members over.

If can clear means start business liao
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