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Been having this problem where the com won't boot up normally while pressing the front panel power button. It's a seasonic X1050W. I would have to flip the psu switch as fast as i can between I and O for almost 30 mins to get it to power on after each shutdown. If i go to sleep mode instead of shutdown it boots up after 2 to 3 flips of the main psu switch.
Edit: Power is being suppplied to the mobo( mobo power on LED is glowing but it wont turn on )

First time the problem occured, it was found to have a faulty 3.3v rail and was RMAed.

Then a few months later, the second psu had the same problem but with no discernible faults with voltages.All the voltages from the rails were fine. Was RMAed again. But the third RMA had the same problem without any discernible fault with the voltages after only a few months.

i have checked every component individually like mobo and etc, brought them down to svc centre but they were found to be fine, including the psu which was strange so i swapped in my brother's psu and it booted up fine, no problems at all. Only my psu has this problem.

Did a memtest on mobo, no problem at all, surge protector and wall socket are okay so im not sure what's the problem..
I am also having similar issue like u. sometimes when booting up the com, it keep restarting after the window logo. i do need to turn off the PSU switch for abt 5-10sec & restart & everything is back to normal. sometimes during gaming, com will also freeze & auto restart, & i have to redo the same process again. had been adapted with the com mood already~
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