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Thanks cpuer.

Another couple of questions. Do you have any recommended 2-br serviced apartments in Shinjuku or Ueno areas? I'm waiting replies from some of them while also looking for more options.

My itinerary is only in Tokyo, Hakone, Yokohama, Kamakura and Odaiba. Do you think i should get the JR pass or just the Suica pass is sufficient? From other threads, it seems that JR pass is only worthwhile if i go to far places like Osaka or Kyoto. But then on the other hand, my friend just told me i should get the JR pass. So now i'm back to dilemma again.

Thanks again..
The best ways to find out worth or not worth is to use Hyperdia to work out all the cost. But from you have listed as your places to visit, JR Pass would not be utilized fully.

Here's my rough check for you:

Tokyo, within the city, all trips is about 190 one way. Sometimes you need more as you have to change from JR to Metro or Metro to JR. So give yourselves 1000 yen per ay I think should cover liao.

Hakone, you will get the Odakyu Hakone Freepass cost 5000yen(2days)

Yokohama, you can get the Tokyu Minatomirai ticket for 840yen

Kamakura-Enoshima, you can either get the Odakyu Enoshima-Kamakura FReepass for 1430yen or JR's Kamakura-Enoshima Pass for 680yen

Odaiba, you can take the Yurikamome 1day pass for 800yen

If you take SUICA+NEX pacakage for your Narita-Tokyo-Narita, you pay 5500yen

So adding all these up, will you exceed the 28300yen cost of a JR Pass? The above are just a rough count. may of the passes listed above have some fixed boarding stations. So from where you stay to those stations will cost you some money, but it wont be too high.

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