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Wanglai: yes. U can use it on Narita express. For return trip, it really depends where u are going there from? From Shinjuku or..?

check it out on hyperdia...
Thanks alot bro for the reply. I try using the hyperdia and below is a sample of the journey from Shinjuku(JR) to Haneda Airport.

10:37begin SHINJUKU(JR)
[ Departure track No.8 ]
[13 Min] through JR Chuo Line Rapid Service

10:53 transfer TOKYO
[ Arrival track No.2 ]

[4 Min] through JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Rapid

11:04 transfer HAMAMATSUCHO

[15 Min] through Tokyo Monorail Rapid


1st question: Just to check whether the procedure is correct. Based on the schedule, I am suppose to take train at track no. 8 using JR Chuo Line Rapid Service, which take about 13 mins to reach tokyo station at track no. 2. After that I need to transfer to JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Rapid which take 4mins to reach HAMAMATSUCHO, follow by last transfer to Haneda airport international building, through tokyo monorail rapid which take about 15min?
2nd question: Can I say if in tokyo station, the timing i had available to board the next transfer is only 3mins (10:50 to 10:53) If I cant find/reach the transfer in time, do I need to research everything again?
Sorry for so many question as this is the first time i going japan. Thanks in advance. Cheers!!!
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