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Thanks alot bro for the reply. I try using the hyperdia and below is a sample of the journey from Shinjuku(JR) to Haneda Airport.

10:37begin SHINJUKU(JR)
[ Departure track No.8 ]
[13 Min] through JR Chuo Line Rapid Service

10:53 transfer TOKYO
[ Arrival track No.2 ]

[4 Min] through JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Rapid

11:04 transfer HAMAMATSUCHO

[15 Min] through Tokyo Monorail Rapid


1st question: Just to check whether the procedure is correct. Based on the schedule, I am suppose to take train at track no. 8 using JR Chuo Line Rapid Service, which take about 13 mins to reach tokyo station at track no. 2. After that I need to transfer to JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Rapid which take 4mins to reach HAMAMATSUCHO, follow by last transfer to Haneda airport international building, through tokyo monorail rapid which take about 15min?
2nd question: Can I say if in tokyo station, the timing i had available to board the next transfer is only 3mins (10:50 to 10:53) If I cant find/reach the transfer in time, do I need to research everything again?
Sorry for so many question as this is the first time i going japan. Thanks in advance. Cheers!!!
The aim is to reach Hamamatsucho for the Monorail. From Hyperdia you can see many options given to you. And it changes as you change the timing. If you are late and missed the one highlighted, you can just wait for the next one. But you don't have this kind of flexibility when you have reserved seats trains where you must board a certain train that you have the seats reserved. But for your case, you don't have this problem.
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