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good choice! I have the f805 walkman and its still pretty awesome, although it would lag while playing the music sometimes. I think I'm going to hoot the new audio technica iem there!

depends i guess. for ipad, its most probably cheaper over there. for android tablets, the best in the market would be nexus 7. Just did a quick check on the price of 32GB nexus 7 2013 on bic camera and, and it costs 33800 yen there, which is about $413 sgd. I think you're better off buying it on amazon US which costs about $320 sgd with shipping
Oh your old f series lag ha
Hope the new f series wil improve on it hardware and software

Ya androod sucks as a real dap player as it run to many process

Unless I go iPod touch from jp also cheaper too in jp
Since I already on all apple Eco

All family on apple and iOS
Since price is quite similar the sony f series 32gb vs iPod touch

I can only think of kill and stop the all the unnessnary process androd is running to let it auto allocate more resource to it
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