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I will check on tenso, because Vpost Jpn rates not competitive. Taxes I know what kind and how much.
shipping yamazaki?

Tenso is NOT CHEAP!! vpost japan may actually be cheaper. for tenso, there's some ridiculous handling fee that increases in proportion to either the weight/the value of your item, making it possibly more ex from shipping the item from the U.S., and not a good sign if you're shipping alochol.

what you can do is wait for their promos with rakuten (50% off shipping with JPY10,000 or something similar) - sign up for their emails. these offers come like once every 2-3 months.

the service is great though. efficient, and my camera arrived in a very pretty package (with plastic and ribbon). since the invoices were inside the plastic package, either the seller delivered it that way, and they painstakingly undid and redid the ribbon, or they actually packed it nicely for me. thumbs up for effort
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