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February 2014

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ & Shabu Shabu Restaurant (Closed)
Fatty Cow Extermination Lunch

Date: 9th February 2014 (Sunday)
Location: 371 Beach Road, Keypoint #01-18/19, Singapore 199597
Time: 11am
Price: S$54.90+ (No Service Charge)

1. twtan
2. Kunoichi
3. dennyz
4. jt2901

Gyu Tataki (Lightly Grilled Beef)

Gyu Sashi (Thinly Sliced Raw Beef)

Wagyu Karubi (Beef Belly Tender) and Wagyu Nakaochi Karubi (Beef Rib Finger)

Wagyu Rosu (Tri Tip)

More pictures can viewed here and here

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