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(Extracted from Frequently Asked Questions | Fine Coffee Company)

What are semi professional machines?

They are professional espresso machines downsized for use in a smaller environment.
Highest end or the highest end.

Who uses them?

Used by professionals, connoisseurs, or top end executives with the rich and famous. As well as any average Joes who appreciate coffee.

You can use it for home, for office, for small commercial area like restaurants, etc.

Are they hard to clean?

A user may only take about 10-60 secs to clean up.
Model like the Bezzera Strega, probably 5 seconds.

It depends on the user.
On daily cleaning, the user can do a short cut, as the method used by fully automatic or capsule machines by running through with quick flush of water. Such method can't wash off most of the organic oil left by coffee. It will certainly build up layers of oil and residues causing parts to deteriorate over time.

This leads to corrosion to gaskets within the machine, and clogs to form. Eventually leading to poorer extraction and finally a breakdown.That explains why most fully automatic and capsules machines will start showing signs of poorer extraction and having operation issues after two years

For semi-professional machines, operators have the option to clean the machines deeply by backflushing with water or with specialised cleaners. <Spring lever machines do not require backflush>

This can significantly increase the longevity of the device and maintains the extraction standard.

Are they hard to use?

A user may only take about 30-60 secs to finish making a cappuccino/latte after the machine is already heated up.

The only challenging part is calibrating the grinder, which depends on how fussy is the user.

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